Luxurious Cruise Tours – Travel to exciting destinations with a Floating Resort Hotel.

A luxurious cruise can really enrich your life. Not only will you travel with like-minded people who love to cruise, but you will also develop great, lasting friendships between your many cruise companions.

When you cruise, you can travel to fabulous ports that are located wherever cruise ships sail. There are not only mega cruise ships are known to everyone but also a range of different sizes and ship types. The medium-sized and especially the smaller cruise ships can navigate further up in inland navigation to cities and historical sites where larger ships could never go.

Larger cruise ships usually have one or two organized shore excursions in each port of call. If two excursions are scheduled on the same day, one can take place in the early morning and the other in the afternoon. Most morning shore excursions usually get back to the ship in time for people to enjoy a fantastic lunch buffet.

Sometimes, on a second trip, you can arrive back on the cruise ship in the late afternoon or early evening. This may cause you to be a little late for dinner if you have decided to do the first session.

It is also your privilege to explore the city, city, island or tourist attractions and sights on your own. Just remember that you are responsible for returning on time, or your cruise ship could sail without you. However, if you book a shore excursion through the cruise ship, it will not leave the port until everyone is back on board.

Make full use of the time you have in the port by making good use of it. Some holidaymakers decide to get off the boat and go it alone by renting a car and a driver to take them to see and explore the sights. Usually, taxi drivers charge per carload and not per person, so if you want to save some money, you can share the cost with a few other fellow travelers. If you leave early in the morning, you may be able to get back in time to enjoy the lunch buffet.

If you are cruising, you should bring a detailed travel guidebook or books covering each of the destinations you know you will be visiting. Even if the weather is not ideal for your shore excursion, always take your camera with you, as the weather can improve very quickly if it is unfavorable.

And don’t judge a port by the dock and its surroundings. It is usually a loading and unloading area for cargo ships and the largest storage and industrial area in a city or municipality. You may need to travel from the port area to the city to really see the unique tourist attractions and historical sites and experience the local culture.

What is the difference between a river cruise and inland navigation?

Although they have similarities, there are big differences between these two types of sightseeing tours. Firstly, the ships that navigate the rivers can accommodate up to about one hundred and eighty people, while inland ships can usually accommodate only five to twenty-five people.

The second big difference is that river cruises can visit a number of countries and cities in a week, while inland waterway vessels travel from city to city on artificial canals that move at a much slower, faster pace and can only travel about fifty miles in a week. Thirdly, river cruise ships have a restaurant, lounge, and entertainment, while inland ships are essentially first-class floating hotels with a dining room and lounge and sun deck. The most popular river cruises and barging tours can be found in Europe.

What is a Luxury Cruise Package?

A cruise tour package is similar to a normal cruise that stops for half-day or full-day shore excursions but offers you the best of a luxury cruise and a shore leave, all in one. The main differences between the two are that the land part of your holiday involves transportation by train or luxury coach to a centrally located, high-quality hotel accommodation at your domestic destination. You will be accompanied by an experienced tour guide for the land section of your itinerary. These combined packages are usually longer and last from ten days to three weeks or even a month or more. On most cruises, you can choose to travel the land segment of your cruise.

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