Everything You Need to Know About Cycling in Spain

Spain is popularly known for cycling, both among tourists and locals. Regardless of age, there are many possibilities for cycling tours in Spain.

There are various easy and gentle rides through the vineyards, as well as the exhausting, steep routes of the Spanish Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia.

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The right time for a trip

Andalusia and the rest of southern Spain are often hot during the summer. Autumn and spring are considered to be the best conditions to spend your bike vacation. If you plan to cycle in Spain during the summer, it is recommended to visit northern Spain.

– From December to February – Cold in central areas and northern Spain and can be wet in the northwest. Ideal time to visit southern Spain.

– From March to May – this is probably the ideal time to discover most of Spain. Southern Spain is not yet hot, but you can get cold spells.

– June to August – Exceptionally hot in the high mountains and central Spain is abandoned by tourists due to the heat. The ideal time to explore the beauty of the coastal areas.

– September to November – although hot in September, it cools down in later months. Consider enjoying the coastal areas. Temperatures are tolerable in northern and central Spain.

Food and accommodation

When it comes to cycling in Spain, remember that the whole nation turns off every afternoon for almost 2 to 4 hours per siesta. Most services and shops will be closed all the time, as well as on Sundays.

It is therefore advisable to plan in advance according to this timetable. You can choose from a wide range of accommodation options such as Pensions, Hotels, Hostales and Casas Rurales.

Rooms in Pensions will not possibly include private bathrooms and air conditioning. They may have a sink, but without towels. Rooms will be small in size unlike hotels. Spain is full of affordable hotels with air conditioning and private bathrooms.

Moreover, most of these hotels have an English-speaking person. Hostales, however, are known for their nicer, air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms. Casas Rurales are rural or rural houses that can range from rooms in a modest house in the middle of nowhere to a stately manor house.


Spain has a lot to offer for cycling tourists from all over the world. Check out this quick guide to find out everything you need to know about cycling in Spain.

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