Cruise Europe on luxury cruise ships for a relaxing and educational holiday

Would you like to travel to the European coast, but are exhausted by the enormous task of packing and unpacking many times? The perfect solution is a cruise along the European coast. Numerous cruises are offered for the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and other European coasts. The cruise ships that sail these waters can carry between 100 and 3000 passengers. All the newer ships that sail the European coast are very large but offer more amenities, such as private balconies. All cruise ships will have pools, spas, and entertainment.

There are alternative ways to travel in Europe. For example, you can take a river cruise on the Danube or perhaps on the Rhine. These luxurious cruise ships will gently lead the rivers through a beautiful landscape. They will stop at many ports for passengers to get off and explore. These cruise ships are not as big as other cruise ships because they are designed to fit under the many bridges spanning the rivers. They do not carry the huge number of passengers, usually 50 to 200.

Another choice would be a cruise. Many small inland vessels have been converted into luxurious cruise ships. These ships can maneuver in the smaller rivers and canals. Since they carry very few passengers (6-12), they are a more intimate experience. You will need time for such cruises. They travel slowly and make overnight stays in small villages.

Then there is a yacht cruise that appeals to the heart of all sailors. These are also much smaller and you will experience a more intimate cruise.

But let’s continue with the traditional cruise that visits many ports during the cruise. Since you have invested a lot of time and money to get to Europe, you will want to choose a cruise that visits many ports in many countries. Make a 12 to the 14-day itinerary to the countries you are interested in. Check the tours on offer before your departure so that you know which ones to book when you arrive on your cruise ship. Normally the cruise ship stops at one port during the day and sails to the next port at night. Occasionally a ship will spend the night in a port so you have more time for a tour.

A typical day on board a cruise ship in Europe begins with breakfast being delivered to your room and placed on your balcony to watch you glide gently into the harbor. If you have nothing planned for this day, go to the restaurant deck and enjoy a hearty meal.

If you have booked a tour, go to the meeting room designated by the cruise company. In most cases, the tours are four to five hours long so you have the rest of the day to discover more. If you’ve planned it right, you can do your tour, then return to the ship for lunch and then go out in the afternoon to visit the places you’ve chosen.

Most cruise lines set sail for the next port in the early evening around 5 or 6 o’clock. Once you’ve looked away, you’ll have time to wash up, have a drink and then enjoy a cozy dinner. After dinner, there is always entertainment to enjoy. The casino and bars will be open until late in the morning but remember you’ll have an early start the next day.

If there are a few days when you are not in port, the cruise ship will offer many activities for you to participate in. You will have art auctions, quizzes, bridges, lectures, fitness courses and much more. And don’t forget the spa. Arrange your spa appointments early, as the days at sea are usually firmly booked.

So if you’ve decided to travel the coasts of Europe, you need to consider a few things.
There are many destinations to choose from, with the Mediterranean being the most popular. You can also choose the Baltic States, Scandinavia or the British Isles.

Now you have to choose a cruise company that goes to your chosen itinerary. Some of the cruise lines, such as Radisson, Silver Sea and Windstar, are small and intimate. These cruise lines focus on luxury and service. The other mainstream cruise lines, Princess, Celebrity or Holland America, to name a few, carry thousands of passengers, from 1500 to 3000. They are truly floating resorts. Of course, costs should also be considered.

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